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The SaleQR Code for DRM

A Sale QR Code for the Direct Response Marketing!!!!

Let’s open a discussion about this topic posting opinions, doubts and wishes.
First of all, I start writing down my considerations.

What is the QR Code for me?
I would say "it is a little bit of all" because it redirects into apps, website links or sometimes it just shows an internal product code.

But some people answered me "I don't know, maybe nothing".
They are right. You never know what a QR Code does.

There is missing information. Because of the variety of its uses,
I suggest to write a short text similar to the CR Code one, i.e.
"Our App", "Product Link" or "Internal use only".

I want to use the power of the sale QR code as a "Call to Action" of Direct Marketing.

How to pick a signal up when a product arouses interest to a potential buyer?
How to persuade a potential buyer to scan the sale QR code of a product?
(the product may be in a store/shop, e-commerce or shown on an ad - it doesn't matter.)

The answer is "interest", I guess.
A potential buyer should be interested in it.

We should offer benefits to them, it is mandatory.

We have the possibility to create this automatism:

"scan the sale QR code of product" ==> "get benefits if you purchase it".

Please, pay attention to the condition "... if you purchase it" and to the most important thing:
the SaleQR code reverses the direction of tracking.

Do you see it? I hope so!

The collected information is clean, without "rumors", containing the real intention to purchase.

Now, let’s see what happens on the customer side.
I am also a customer, a potential buyer.
- I don't want to install a new app, one for each retailer or brand.
- I don't subscribe to a new newsletter, I have deleted all the newsletters in my spam folder.
- I don't want your spam, please stop sending emails for products and services I do not need anymore.

Two bad examples:
1. - because last summer I rented a car in a small island, I receive every week rent-car-offers for the same location. I am not planning to go there again.
2. - because two years ago I bought a watch, I receive offers for the same product every 3 or 4 days.
It is wrong, it is stupid.
Those offers are annoying me.

I am also a CMO, I don't want to do the same errors.

What I need, as a consumer, is very simple:
I want offers for products which I am interested in, having the possibility to remove those from my list.
So, I want the power to stop those messages.

As a CMO, I guess, I will have updated my list of true potential customers.
So, I can send them offers.
Potential customers will appreciate my messages because they are waiting for them.

Please, send your opinions or contact me.
I will be happy to introduce you our Sale QR Direct Marketing tool and to share opinions.