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SaleQR helps people get further discounts
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SaleQR protects people from marketing / ads "harassment"
SaleQR increases the revenue of your business
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2. Publish your products & Print SaleQR on labels

3. Invite interested (specially undecided) people to scan to receive discounts Flash Offer ~ 48h

They will come back enthusiastically and your income will increase

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This is SaleQR
The social media for products

How does it work?

Scan the SaleQR code of your favorite product or service

Get information about discounts

SaleQR on product label
SaleQR on ads

SaleQR reverses the direction of tracking.

The consumers track their favourite products.

Benefits for the SaleQR Community

  • Interact with your smartphone with the product that arouses interest.
  • Inquire immediately about discounts of the tagged products.
  • Buy only original products sold by authorized dealers.
  • Create a direct link with local shops.
  • Use only one type of "loyalty point" valid anywhere
    -the Loyalty SQR Points-
The user doesn't want to:
  • Lose the opportunity for a discount.
  • Receive spam.
  • Receive discount of products already purchased or not of interest.
  • Have too many "loyalty cards": one for each shop.
Shops / Retailers
  • Send offers to interested people.
  • Create a solid and immediate link with local customers.
  • Manage the interaction between "product" and "interested person" to optimize sales.
  • Make the interaction between "product" and "interested person" possible.
  • Manage interaction to optimize sales.
  • Send offers to people interested in the product.
  • Certify the authenticity of your dealers to avoid counterfeiting.
  • Manage discount campaigns combined with advertising campaigns in collaboration with influencers.
  • Manage the relationship between the brand and the success of the influencers in an ascertainable way.
    "SaleQR as a third party" guarantees impartiality in the quantification of success.
  • Be the first to inform your followers about discounts.
  • Offer more benefits to your followers.
  • Keep track of your success for a fair evaluation in the relationship with the brands.

Participate in brands advertising campaigns.

Our mission

Make every product and service "SaleQR friendly"

To inform you about discounts




Do you sell?

Use SaleQR as a DRM

Direct Response Marketing Tool

It is designed to evoke an immediate interaction

that's why it's called Nowcasting

Direct Response Marketing

What is it?

  • It demands a response: direct response advertising has a “call to action”, compelling the prospect to do something specific.
  • It’s trackable because when someone responds, you know which ad and which media was used for generating the response.
  • It’s measurable because you know which ads are being responded to and how many sales you’ve received from each one.
  • It targets a specific audience or niche: verticals, geographic zones or niche markets are targeted. You can manage lists.
  • It makes specific and/or different offers: the offer focuses on the prospect.

SaleQR for stores

With a SaleQR code printed on the label, customers can save all of your products on their smartphone.

Let people know:
  • about your discount campaigns
  • about the discount campaigns managed directly by brands - please set the option to your liking
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SaleQR for e-commerce and online catalogs

  • Add a link at your e-commerce. The customers can save the product in their SaleQR Wish List.
  • Tell them about discounts.
  • Add a backlink at your SaleQR product. The customers can go back to your site to purchase it.
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SaleQR for chain stores with or without e-commerce

  • You can configure your account for all your stores around the country.
  • Each store can have its own team of administrators who manage their own discount campaigns independently or follow the master account’s discount campaigns.
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SaleQR for brands

With a SaleQR code printed on the label, customers can:
  • save the product
  • get information about your discount campaigns
  • get information about discount campaigns from each of your authorized retailers
The Brand can block unauthorized retailers on SaleQR.
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SaleQR for influencers

Start monetizing your influence.
  • Ask collaboration to the brands on SaleQR and/or invite brands you know.
  • Partake on their campaigns.
  • Brands pay influencers directly.
SaleQR, as a third party, keeps metrics of your performance.
SaleQR does not pay influencers.
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