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SaleQR helps people track discounts of their favorites products and services
Do you sell? Do you have a store?

With SaleQR people can track your products through their smartphone

- to save/remember them

- to get information about discounts, offers and promotions

With a few simple steps make all your products"SaleQR friendly"

1. Register as a Business User – Shop here
2. Create your own categories, products and campaigns on SaleQR

- Easy to handle using Excel spreadsheets

- Even easier if the product has already been entered by the brand itself: you just have to select it and add it to your store

3. The SaleQR code

We strongly recommend that you print a SaleQR code on the label of each product (forget this step if it has already been made by the brand)

- The SaleQR code will redirect the customer to your product details page where he will see a valid discount for him

- The customer has the ability to save your product in their wish list and see your discounts in the future

The customer is connected with your product, with your store

The customer:

- never lose sight of the product

- can see your offers easily on their smartphone

You can group your clients into different lists

- You can create discount campaigns just for a specific list of customers

No more invasive advertising

- Only reach people interested in your products

NO spam
NO e-mails
NO banners
NO pop-ups

- To take a 30 days free trial, register here